Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

This month we would like to offer you some tips to enjoy a healthier springtime.

Running in the park

Mix Fitness and Fun, let the season inspire to be more active and stay fit. Get out more, run, cycle, walk in the park.
Increase your pilates sessions to at least 3 per week to tone muscle and prepare for the swim season.

Lighten up your diet! It’s much easier to a healthy and delicious diet in the spring, when fresh produce abound. Try seasonal staples such as asparagus, spinach, strawberries and apricots. Weather permitting, grill lean cuts of meat or fish outdoors and enjoy them by eating al fresco.

Spring into cleaning! Cleaning can help clear your home can help clear your home and mind of clutter. Clean your kitchen by removing foods that have expired and throw out unhealthy ones, get rid of musty winter smells by buying house plants and opening windows, go through closets and throw out ( give to charity) any items you have not used in the last year.

Take time for reflection. Spring is synonymous of new beginning, it’s the right time to think about new changes to think about new changes in your life. You might like to consider your daily habits and decide which contributes most -and least to your happiness, pick one or two changes you’d most like to make and break them down in steps, set short and long terms goals.

Lastly, get out more and enjoy the great outdoors!

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