Our Trainers & Instructors


Joy loves Pilates, after years of attending classes herself and experiencing the many health benefits and results she was looking for, she decided to leave her job in the corporate world and train as an instructor herself.

Having trained with STOTT Pilates, she went on to further train on the Pilates Reformer and specialise in pre and post natal pilates.

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As well as teaching group classes at Pilates Klinik, Joy also has experience of teaching clients on a personal one to one level, helping to create a fun and rewarding programme to suit individual needs.

Joy is also a fully trained and qualified Massage Therapist and takes regular bookings at Pilates Klinik. She specialises in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. A keen Reiki practitioner too, Joy likes to incorporate Reiki healing with her massage treatments giving her clients a feeling of complete well being.


Having enjoyed practicing Pilates for many years, Wendy decided to train as a teacher after noticing the many health benefits and positive body changes the Pilates method can offer. She qualified initially with the respected Body Control school in Central London. Wendy teaches from both a remedial and fitness perspective – her classes providing a challenging work-out, while focusing on releasing tension, strengthening and aligning bodies and concentrating minds. Wendy is also qualified in all aspects of pre and post-natal Pilates. When not teaching at Pilates Klinik, Wendy also runs her own Yoga & Pilates studio in Peckham Rye – www.gaiatudio.co.uk


Kirsty has loved Pilates and fitness for over seven years and gained her qualifications during the pandemic. Her style of Reformer Pilates encompasses the classical and more contemporary dynamic, and she is passionate about programming effective, creative and enjoyable classes for all clients, whether they have been twice or 250 times!


Christine is a dancer who fell in love with the physical and mental health benefits of pilates during her ballet training. After travelling, she decided to share her passion for pilates and train to become a reformer teacher with STOTT Pilates in London. She enjoys creating self-esteem enhancing classes that focus on developing precision, flexibility and strength. In her spare time, she likes performing, fitness and exploring London.

Ted gained his Mat & Reformer qualifications at Drummond Education in Maidenhead. It was here he trained under experienced mentors disciplined in classical Pilates method. Ted offers a Pilates class centring around classical Pilates principles but also brings in his experience of Ballroom and Latin dancing, adding his own flavour to classical Pilates exercises. As a practicing Zen Buddhist present moment awareness is also a key aspect of his teaching.