I started reformer pilates at Pilates Klinik end of 2017. Due to a back condition I have, my rhumatologist advised me to try this form of exercise. A friend who has been doing reformer for years, recommended Pilates Klinik. I recommend  this place now too. The teachers are great, they remember you as you are in small classes, they adapt the exercises to the level of their attendees, they change them so you never get bored.I got pregnant last February and continued exercising until the last month. Joy and Emma were great at adapting the exercises for me. I felt fit during my pregnancy and just fitter in general.

It’s also good value for money when you take a pass considering its location in the city compared to other competitors.


I particular enjoy the family atmosphere of Pilates Klinik, which contrasts with the corporate feel of many other local City gyms and Pilates studios.  The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable, always trying to mix up the classes with new exercises.  I’ve personally felt the benefits of attending regular classes, and feel happier mentally as well as stronger physically.


I had tried out a couple of other studios when I found Pilates Klinik and this is the one that ignited my passion for it! I spent 2 years doing lunchtime classes and I’ve never found anything better than a session on the reformer for my mind and body. I’ve recently left London but always make sure I pop my head when I’m there. Classes are always challenging and precise with a real focus on form and alignment. Team of brilliant teachers that I learned so much from and my body shape and posture completely changed. Reformer Pilates for life.


I have been coming to Pilates Klinik since it opened in 2008. It’s a welcoming place, a comfortable environment where you can learn and practice Pilates at your own pace with a good team of trainers.

Pilates challenges your body like nothing else. It strengthens your core, looks after your back and keeps your joints moving. The classes here are small – 6 people maximum, so you get a really personal service.

I have a slipped disc and I found that the Pilates helped to alleviate the pain and strengthen my back so it’s never been as bad as it was when the slipped disc first happened. I also had a procedure on my knee and missed coming for two months. But as soon as I was back, it was as if I had never left. The teachers know you, and they know how to help with recuperation and strengthening. Of course, it’s great for mental health, too!

It’s the one thing I have kept at exercise-wise, and something where you see results very quickly, whether it’s in flexibility or muscle tone. It’s a great studio with a personal touch.


Reformer Pilates with Pilates Klinik has rapidly become part of my weekly habits and one that builds my physical and mental strength for the challenges of modern life.

The friendly team here make classes a challenging but fun hour.

Fixed my back issues within a couple of weeks, my posture in a few months and my body shape in a year. Thanks!



For many years I have been a heavy impact trainer, weights and running mainly. Earlier this year I was introduced to Pilates Reformer and with great guidance at Pilates Klinik was soon working through the mixed ability sessions. I enjoy ultra running and in July finished a mountain marathon, 50km of hills. For various reasons I had done little running training but had prior to the event attended 2 months of reformer sessions, twice a week. I was unsure how I would cope with my lack of traditional training, and was astonished to finish comfortably (but slowly). No cramps and endurance was strong. I have no doubt that the core work, flexibility, strength and confidence from Pilates got me through the event.

As age takes over certain aspirations I need to be a smart trainer and I am a convert of the power of mixed Pilate reformer sessions!

Alistair Jacob

What I love about here is that instructors are not vocals only, they engage with you, correct your alignment and are basically involved! I have previous experiences of going to reformer classes, but in the cosy studio of Pilate Klinik I had a much closer supervision from the instructor which lead to my improvements. The studio has a flexible timetable throughout the day which enables me going there in my lunch time or after work.


Pilates Klinik – what a great place – definitely recommend it.  Been going for a few years: the pilates is brilliant and made really positive changes to my body shape.  Classes challenging, great guidance on technique, fun and Joy is brilliant.


I’ve been coming to Pilates Klinik for reformer pilates for over 2 years and I cant see myself doing any other pilates class again! The classes are small which is great as it means a more hands on level of teaching from Joy and the team. The instructors are great, each with their own style but they always keep things to an appropriate level for the class but still pushing you and giving more advanced options for each move. I feel so much stronger and confident in myself and would recommend these classes to everyone!

Rosie McCann

I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Joint Hyper-Mobility Syndrome and a bad back and joined The Pilates Klinik to help me with my symptoms.I have 1-1 lessons with Joy every week which have helped with strengthening my muscles so even though I am exhausted I can still manage to get on with life.  The lessons are catered for my specific issues with great care and attention paid to how I am feeling at each lesson.  My core has improved and even if I am having a bad day health wise the lesson caters for my needs. The Pilates Klinik is professional, well organised and friendly which makes my experience a much more enjoyable and happier one.


I first started Reformer Pilates at Pilates Klinik in 2013 attending one or two lessons a week.  I started a new job and gave up all exercise under the stress of trying to prove I could do it.  Big mistake.  I gained a stone and was no longer happy with how I looked and felt.  A year or so later I returned to Pilates Klinik and haven’t looked back.  Attending three or four times a week has helped me to cope with the stress of several new jobs, lose weight and change my shape.  I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have.  I still find the classes challenging and the teachers push me to be better while also making the classes fun.  I highly recommend Reformer Pilates at Pilates Klinik.


During my mid thirties I followed many others in clinging to my youth by taking up running. This was a bad idea. Following my fourth half-marathon I suffered a slipped disc, which resulted in eventual surgery (micro discectomy).  Over the next few years I avoided all forms of exercise, other than walking, as I was so worried about suffering a relapse with my back. My wife encouraged me to join her at Pilates Klinik to try Reformer Pilates. After two years of making excuses I finally gave in. I had my first lesson in October 2017 and was really impressed with Joy, who is a very good teacher; instructions are clear and easy to understand. The lessons are also fun. A year on and I am hooked, I now attend Pilates Klinik at least four times a week. I feel so much more confident with my back and feel fit. I find that Pilates helps me deal with work pressures. After an early morning Pilates lesson work doesn’t frustrate me until at least lunchtime.

I would like to thank Joy, Rosaria, Wendy and James for such beneficial and enjoyable classes. I would recommend that you try Reformer Pilates at Pilates Klinik.


I’ve been coming to Pilates Klinik for years, I haven’t found another studio quite like it. I noticed the benefits in posture and strength from the very first class, and now couldn’t imagine life without these classes! The best things about Pilates Klinik are that the classes stay true to the technique of pilates and secondly the classes are small enough to get you the right amount of attention from the lovely down to earth teachers (no intimidating lycra clad show offs here!).


Definitely the highlight of my day!  Took 60 minutes and ended up leaving happier, taller (over a short time, definitely shapelier) and much more productive, for the rest of the day!  Lovely instructors and a supportive, friendly group atmosphere in classes- honestly I love my time at Pilates Klinik and only wish I could come more frequently!  Great studio – you won’t regret it!