Easter Special Offers at Pilates Klinik

Easter Special Offers at Pilates Klinik

To celebrate Easter we’re offering 10% off all of our class packs throughout April. Stay in shape and take some time off for yourself this April!

You can buy several classes in advance and get an even bigger discount.

Get five classes for £99

10 classes for £180

15 classes for £243

20 classes for £297

and 40 classes for £540

Joining us here at Pilates Klinik also gives you access to all of out wonderful Klinik therapies and treatments, including massage, health coaching, nutrition advice, allergy testing and acupuncture as well as male and female waxing.

Get Involved!

Pilates is a non-impact workout that increases flexibility, strength and muscle tone. It’s a great way for anyone to stay in shape, and can even help you rehabilitate from an injury or develop your strength to meet the demands of giving birth. It really is beneficial for everyone.

Our classes are open to all levels of ability. Light equipment such as bands, balls and small weights are used to improve core stability, with the aim of maintaining good posture, healthy joints and balance.

Improve balance and alignment

Developing your core strength isn’t easy. Reformer Pilates helps you target and improve core and balance muscles to increase stability and flexibility whilst also helping to avoid injury. Improving your balance and core strength helps you to focus on how the weight in your body shifts as you move, for example during sports or even just day-to-day.

Pilates is a physical fitness system used all over the world by people of all ages and levels of fitness. Its namesake, Joseph Pilates, suffered from rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever as a child, and the journey he took to regain his strength led him to develop Pilates while also finding time to be an accomplished performer, gymnast, skier, diver and boxer.

At Pilates Klinik we specialise in reformer Pilates. Because Pilates is designed to benefit any age group and body type, our classes are open to all, including beginners, Pilates devotees and those in between. Classes take place in our superb, contemporary studio and wellness centre in the heart of London, complete with all facilities you might need. Please ask our helpful staff if you have any further questions and don’t forget to sign up and claim your 10% discount before the end of the month.

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