5 Top Tips to Keep Fit During Pregnancy

5 Top Tips to Keep Fit During Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman' Belly

1. Avoid Sugar and Junk Carbohydrates
Sugar and junk carbs will increase extra pregnancy weight and fluid gains.

2. Eat Fat and Protein
Eating healthy mono and saturated fats like olive and avocado oil, coconut oil and quality butter provide you with the means for the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K to be absorbed into your system. Crucial for not only your wellbeing but your baby’s development also.

3. Drink Water
Drinking enough water ensures you keep hydrated which in turn reduces tiredness and pregnancy nausea.

4. Recovery and Sleep
Our body adapts and improves whilst we are recovering and sleeping, this is even more important through pregnancy.

5. Maintain Muscle
To avoid extra pregnancy weight gain and improve prenatal fitness and strength then it is paramount that you exercise.

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