Will Pilates help you lose weight?

Will Pilates help you lose weight?

By combining Pilates with cardio exercise and a calorie-controlled diet, you can lose weight at a steady and sustainable rate. In this blog we’re going to focus on how our Pilates classes can help if weight loss is your main goal.   

Exercise can be a daunting prospect if it hasn’t been part of your weekly routine for a while, and if you’re carrying a bit of extra weight the idea of going to any kind of fitness class might be daunting. Add to that the many pictures of slim and toned models which accompany the average Pilates blog and it can be easy to get the idea that it might not be for you. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! One of the main things Pilates has going for it is that anyone of any size or fitness level can start doing it today, and at Pilates Klinik we can tailor your workouts specifically to you.

Pilates exercises are done on a mat or on various types of Pilates equipment, and our preference tends to be reformer Pilates. With or without equipment, Pilates exercises are generally done lying down, sitting or kneeling. These positions make Pilates exercises well-suited for people who are getting back into exercise.

Because Pilates exercises can be modified for different levels and physical needs, our experienced instructors will be able to adjust mat exercises and/or the equipment set-up to help you gradually improve strength and endurance, gradually working up to a higher difficulty.

We’re going to look at two ways a regular Pilates practice can aid your weight loss program.

Reformer Pilates Exercise

Not only can pilates help you lose weight, you will build strength in your body & mind too.

Pilates to build strength

To lose weight at a sustainable rate, you need the physical capability to do exercises, but this is often difficult for particularly heavy people or people who aren’t used to doing exercise. Pilates will help you to build your strength gradually, greatly improving your core strength and increasing flexibility. Pilates can help alleviate back pain, which is a common problem for people who have to spend a lot of time at a desk or in a car. By building practical strength you’ll be able to get into exercise without suffering from too much joint pain and muscle fatigue.

Many Pilates exercises are done seated or reclined and target the core. As our centre of gravity, it is vital to promote strength in the trunk of the body to allow for a range of movement, from explosive to gentle, with control. The addition of machines such as our reformer equipment delivers incredible results on a daily basis in our studio, with our clients often reporting that they immediately feel the benefit.

Pilates exercises should be performed in a slow, precise manner, and the movements we do in our classes build progressively, preparing the body for optimum function by accessing deeper muscles not normally used in other workouts.

Pilates to help facilitate movement

Pilates can provide a gentle introduction to the world of movement, aiming for full range of motion in multiple directions so that the joints are safely utilised to their full capacity. Instead of holding static stretches, Pilates preaches dynamic movement, preparing your body for any stresses it might be put under day to day. When the muscles are stretched effectively, it puts less pressure on the joints and your movements become more fluid.

Better balance also means more controlled movement. When efficient movement becomes second nature, you’ll be able to approach your weight loss program more effectively. Balance is often an underdeveloped skill, even in people who play competitive sport or exercise regularly. Being able to put our bodies in various positions without damaging our joints is crucial, and anyone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk will know that even being stationary for hours at a time can be a challenge. You need to move your body through the world, and Pilates can help anyone do this more effectively!

Go beyond your goals at Pilates Klinik

Our goal is to create a uniform and familiar structure for each class level. Regardless of your fitness levels, we guarantee that you will leave our small group pilates classes and private pilates personal training classes feeling stronger, more flexible and energised. Please get in touch today to find out how we can help you on your Pilates journey!

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