How Pilates can increase core strength during pregnancy

How Pilates can increase core strength during pregnancy

Obviously the body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, and the most noticeable of these for other people is how the shape of your body adjusts to accommodate your baby.

The abdominal muscles stretch and move just like your skin, so what techniques can you do to maintain a strong throughout your pregnancy and during recovery?

Is it OK to do core exercises while pregnant?

It’s not just OK, but advisable to do certain core exercises while you’re pregnant. Sit-ups should be avoided (though it’s worth noting they aren’t the best exercise if you’re not pregnant, either), but doing the occasional plank can help to support the muscles of your pelvis.

Standing crunches and pelvic tilts are also good exercises to do, but here at Pilates Klinik we highly recommend joining our pregnancy Pilates sessions for the best low-impact movements you can tailor to your exact needs.

Improve your core and improve your balance

Our pregnancy Pilates sessions improve your balance by increasing core strength and allowing you to focus on how the weight in your body is gradually shifting.

Postural alignment can change during pregnancy, and sometimes women can suffer from posterior pelvic tilt, internally rotated shoulders, lumbar lordosis, thoracic kyphosis or pronated feet. Pilates can help you avoid these complications.

Reformer Pilates keeps you strong during and after your pregnancy, even helping you to recover more quickly after you give birth.

How Pilates can help you give birth

On the big day itself, keeping your core muscles in great shape and making sure they’re well adjusted to your pregnant body should make pushing easier than if you hadn’t put in all that work.

Looking after your own health during your pregnancy obviously has a huge impact on you and the health of your baby. At Pilates Klinik we love helping people during this special time in their lives–if you want to join one of our sessions then take a look at our pregnancy Pilates page.

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