Reflexology at Pilates Klinik

Relax and alleviate stress with reflexology sessions in central London from Pilates Klinik. Our qualified reflexologist Dara has worked as a sports therapist with experience in deep tissue massage and massage during pregnancy. Dara trained at Quantum Metta, Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine and Richdales Institute in London, Dara qualified in 2016/2017 and has been practicing ever since.

Central London reflexology therapy for the whole body

Passionate about helping people, Dara is an expert at finding out how combinations of different techniques can be beneficial to her clients. Working in this way develops an understanding that every movement is important and every single training routine does have effect on the body. Working closely with her clients, Dara finds the most beneficial ways of moving and using the body as a whole.

Reflexology for injury rehabilitation

Dara has a special interest in sports medicine, deep tissue and reflexology. By combining her techniques Dara can help manage stress and pain relief through education and rehabilitation that prevents injuries from recurring in future.

Dara is registered with CThA, Embody


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Dara is registered with CThA, Embody

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reflexology is not generally painful. As with all kinds of massage, if the muscles are knotted or tight this can sometimes be felt during the course of massage. If you are particularly sensitive to this please let your therapist know.

Some people find that reflexology does help with their weight loss regimen, using the pressure points in the feet to trigger a variety of responses in the body.

Generally speaking, once or twice a fortnight is enough to feel the benefits of reflexology treatment.

Reflexology can be an effective treatment for many conditions including stress and chronic pain. Some also find it helps with hormonal issues and can also help during pregnancy.