Pilates Private Training (PT)

Pilates Private Training (PT)

Private Pilates Lessons in Central London

If you’re looking to gain the maximum benefit from Pilates lessons in central London, with an individual rather than a class focus, then Pilates Klinik’s Private Pilates Training is highly recommended.

Private Pilates lessons guarantee the 1-2-1 attention of a fully qualified Pilates instructor, who can assist you with understanding the practice of Pilates, improving your techniques and keeping the focus on your own body and health requirements.

Because your instructor will also assist and advise in developing the right Pilates programme to suit any health needs, fitness goals and overall wellness, this extra attention also offers the benefits of physical therapy to those who have additional health needs, such as pregnancy, and those who are rehabilitating from injury and illness. A personal plan can be developed which acknowledges and addresses the needs of your condition and can assist with recovery as well as injury prevention and wellness in the future.

Familiarising with the practice of Pilates in a 1-2-1 setting can also help to prepare you for joining larger classes, or will complement your larger class practice with individual support to ensure that you have the correct postural alignment and are achieving postures and technique correctly.

Private Training includes the use of our tranquil studios, Pilates equipment and the expertise of our Pilates instructors and can be booked at your convenience to fit in with your schedule – a good alternative if class sessions are not convenient for you. We’re happy to help, so please ask one of our instructors for more details about our Pilates Private Training. Our central London location makes our lessons easily accessible for most people working in the city. 


Packages Cost
Introductory package of three 45 minute Pilates PT sessions £130
60 minute private session £65
45 minute private session £50
30 minute private session £35
5 private classes £325
10 private classes £600

Email info@pilatesklinik.co.uk for more costs, availability and packages


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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people tend to start with mat work in order to learn the principles of Pilates, but at Pilates Klinik you can sign up to our Beginner’s Reformer Class which are a bit slower than the mixed and intermediate sessions, allowing you to get to grips with the basic principles of Reformer Pilates and build your strength up from the core.

At Pilates Klinik, we specialise in Reformer Pilates, which integrates the principles of Pilates movement patterns with the resistance of the Reformer equipment to create a total body workout. Reformer Pilates is often considered more dynamic and intense than mat work because most of the exercises require a greater range of motion and involve resistance that is applied from springs and bands.

As with most types of exercise, if you’re just getting started with movements that are entirely new to you and your body you are more likely to feel a little muscle soreness in the days following your workout. That said, Pilates is a safe and gentle workout for the body and with a little practise it is rare to experience soreness after classes.

Concentration – It’s important to be mentally present as you do Pilates exercises, remaining aware of your body’s movements, sensations and alignment.

Control – Moving the body in a controlled manner so as to carry out the exercises safely and effectively.

Centering – Using body sides of the body equally and evenly

Fluidity – Smoothly transitioning from one movement to the next to create a flow.

Precision – Each movement should be precise, the accurate positioning of each part of your body it vital in order to achieve all the benefits of pilates.

Breathe – Paying attention to your breathing is important as this fuels your concentration and precision. You should aim for deep, steady breaths.

Pilates is non-impact style of exercise which is safe enough to do everyday. If you’re totally new to Pilates, daily practise can really help you get started. Once you’re comfortable with Pilates, most people tend to take a class every other day. Joseph Pilates advice was to do Pilates three times a week.

Whilst we can’t say for certain that pilates will benefit every single person who tries it, its non-impact style is generally acknowledged as being one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. Pilates is well documented in helping people lose weight, ease back pain, tone muscles, recover from injury and improve their mental health.

Whilst yoga and pilates share some of the same ideas around the connection between mind and body, the main difference is the equipment used in pilates. Pilates equipment offers gentle resistance or assistance depending on how it is used, depending on your aims this can be more useful for developing or strengthening certain muscles.

The Pilates method of non-impact exercise is safer than other forms of exercise as it puts the body under less stress. Pilates exercises the body as a whole evenly and symmetrically, which is the best way to develop your core strength and rehabilitate from previous injuries.

Pilates is a full-body exercise system that uses a series of machines and movements. It works the entire body, while focussing primarily on what Joseph Pilates called the “powerhouse,” or the group of muscles which start at the bottom of your ribs and end below the pelvis, incorporating the muscles around your front and back (which wrap around a bit like a corset), as well as the buttocks. With Pilates, no matter what exercise you are doing, you’re always focusing on this area of the body.

Paying for classes is as easy as heading to our timetable page and selecting the class or class pack you would like. You can then pay securely and easily online. All major credit and debit cards are accepted and payments are submitted encrypted via our secure payment partner. All bookings must be made in advance as popular classes frequently sell out and private sessions must be arranged.