Corporate Pilates Packages
Corporate Pilates Packages

Corporate Pilates Packages

Corporate Pilates Central London

London City is a busy place to live and work in. Many people struggle to find time for themselves and often see a decline in their overall health. Here at The Klink, we emphasise health and wellbeing and the importance of making time for it with our corporate Pilates classes in central London. Our reformer pilates classes are dynamic focusing on pilates breathing and technique, helping people get a great workout and improve their overall fitness, posture and wellbeing.

Our existing clients enjoy the benefit of feeling energised both mentally and physically after every session. They are able to prepare for work after an early morning or lunchtime session. Equally benefiting from an after work class in the evening before going home, helping them to de-stress and switch off after a long day. Therefore, proving that no matter what time of day it is they exercise, the benefits will last with them. This can only help the work force in the long run with healthy, able bodied workers.

The Klinik works closely with local businesses and firms who are dedicated to promoting health and fitness within the work place. We offer discounted corporate memberships and private group sessions.

Becoming a member at The Klinik also entitles you to numerous discounts on Klinik therapies and treatments, including massage, health coaching, nutrition advise and allergy testing, acupuncture as well as male and female waxing.

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