Bespoke Pregnancy Pilates

Bespoke Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates Klinik’s Pregnancy Pilates central London sessions are designed to help you understand and manage the changes your body goes through with each trimester. They will also get you fit for labour and strengthen the body in preparation for the demands of baby care and breast feeding postnatally. And of course, to look good and have fun! The use of light equipment such as bands, balls and small weights to improve core stability, with the aim of maintaining good posture, healthy joints and balance throughout pregnancy.

Our Pregnancy Pilates central London private sessions offer the chance to focus on the body in a way which supports it to cope with the mental, physical and emotional rigours of pregnancy, in a holistic way. These are one on one sessions rather than classes, so the focus is directly on each individual, offering plenty of attention from our professionally qualified teachers, ensuring that the session is tailored to the very specific needs of your body at this special time.

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Despite the exertion of pregnancy, our Pilates sessions are designed to increase energy and well-being for expectant mums, as well as boost circulation and facilitate exercise. Pregnancy Pilates can also help to develop and maintain physical strength in key areas such as back, abdomen and pelvis, in preparation for birth and post-natal recovery.

Our dedicated private pregnancy sessions also support mental well-being and offer an additional emphasis on practising breathing and relaxation techniques which can be of significant benefits during pregnancy and later on during labour.

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For enhanced therapeutic and physical support, our Pregnancy Massage sessions offer additional restorative benefits of direct, hands-on intervention from a highly qualified massage therapist. As well as responding to the general needs of your body in pregnancy, our therapist can also target any specific sore spots or pregnancy side-effects such as headaches and cramps, with a choice of 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Our private pregnancy sessions are open at whatever level of experience or stage of pregnancy, so please ask us for further information about how The Klinik can support your personal journey through pregnancy.

In order to ensure each client is looked after individually and the exercises are tailored specifically for her trimester, Pilates Klinik arranges Pregnancy Pilates on a private basis only.


Packages Cost
Private session with chief instructor £75 per hour
All other teachers £65 per hour
5 private classes £325
10 private classes £600

Email for more costs, availability and packages


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Pregnancy Pilates Sessions and Pregnancy Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people tend to start with mat work in order to learn the principles of Pilates, but at Pilates Klinik you can sign up to our Beginner’s Reformer Class which are a bit slower than the mixed and intermediate sessions, allowing you to get to grips with the basic principles of Reformer Pilates and build your strength up from the core.

At Pilates Klinik, we specialise in Reformer Pilates, which integrates the principles of Pilates movement patterns with the resistance of the Reformer equipment to create a total body workout. Reformer Pilates is often considered more dynamic and intense than mat work because most of the exercises require a greater range of motion and involve resistance that is applied from springs and bands.

Whilst we can’t say for certain that pilates will benefit every single person who tries it, its non-impact style is generally acknowledged as being one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. Pilates is well documented in helping people lose weight, ease back pain, tone muscles, recover from injury and improve their mental health.

The Pilates method of non-impact exercise is safer than other forms of exercise as it puts the body under less stress. Pilates exercises the body as a whole evenly and symmetrically, which is the best way to develop your core strength and rehabilitate from previous injuries.