World Cup Pilates Tournament at The Klinik

Football will he hitting the international stage this month and World Cup fever has already hit The Klinik!

For the duration of the World Cup, starting 14th of June and ending 15th of July, we are offering all clients the chance to take part in our own world cup tournament. We are offering you one class per day over the 32 day period for £200, working out to be £6.25p per class!! This includes our weekend classes.

At the end of the tournament all names of participants will be entered into our lucky draw which will take place on the day of the World Cup Final.

World Cup Winner Prize – 15% off your next package plus two free classes.
Second Place Winner Prize – 10% off your next package plus one free class.
Runner Up Prize – 5% off your next package.

Please note, we are happy to hold onto any packages you may be using and freeze them for this month. You can then resume with your package after the tournament.

World cup packages can be purchased online starting today and will be ready to use from the 14th of June.

Please email for further details or queries.

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