Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Central London Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage techniques are historically accredited to Per Henrick Ling, a Swedish physiologist who developed the method in the 1800s. Although many elements of Swedish Massage have since been popularly incorporated into most western massages, Pilates Klinik is pleased to offer a dedicated central London Swedish Massage service which brings all the elements of Ling’s original massage therapy to the benefit of your body.

How it works

The main purpose of a Swedish Massage is to facilitate relaxation of the entire body, so it works by promoting that relaxation throughout the muscles of the body. The massage takes place using the hands and palms, which work mainly in circular motions in the direction of blood returning to the heart, increasing blood flow as it ditches the body’s by-product Carbon Dioxide, to enrich the blood instead with additional Oxygen and supporting the body in removing toxins and metabolic waste such as Uric and Lactic acids from the muscles and organs of the body via the blood.

Swedish Massage is also acknowledged to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol, commonly responsible for many stress-related ailments – another way in which it provides the ultimate in relaxation for the body.

Swedish Massage techniques

Our professional massage therapists are fully qualified in delivering Swedish Massage, a therapy which involves five main techniques, administered in a specific order across the whole body. Due to the very hands-on process required in a Swedish Massage, the massage therapist will always use a massage oil or lotion to avoid unnecessary friction between hands and skin, to deliver the following massage techniques:

  1. Effleurage: these long, sweeping strokes are administered with alternating light and firm pressure of the palm and fingertips. The strokes are directed towards the heart, helping blood to move more freely and increase uptake of oxygen in the body. This technique is particularly effective in removing tension and knots from muscles.
  2. Petrissage: these kneading, squeezing and rolling motions are performed with the thumb and knuckles to bring deeper massage penetration to the muscles.
  3. Tapotement: for this rhythmic tapping motion, the massage therapist uses the sides of the hands, which are held in a cupped position. This technique is effective in loosening, relaxing and energising muscles.
  4. Friction: this technique of moving the palms of the hands in a circular motion across the body creates heat, which penetrates the muscles and helping deeper tissues, including muscles, to relax, repair and revive, whilst also stimulating blood flow and circulation.
  5. Vibration: the motion of the fingers and heel of the palm back and forth across the skin is known as Vibration or Shaking and has the effect of loosening muscles.

The speed at which some of the motions are carried out can be varied to facilitate Swedish Massage for specific purposes, such as slow and gentle to facilitate pain reduction or to ease tension, or more vigorous to promote the dislodging and removal of metabolic waste from the body.

Body benefits

As well as promoting relaxation at a cellular level within the body, a full body Swedish Massage can also be an effective way of:

  • Reducing pain.
  • Easing stiffness, including joint stiffness as caused by conditions such as Osteoarthritis.
  • Easing muscle tension.
  • Improving circulation and the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Increasing lymphocytes (white blood cells) to boost immune system – ideal for those who are feeling tired and run down.

Finally, with relaxation being the main aim, Pilates Klinik provides a restful and private massage environment which puts the focus on relaxation, to maximise your Swedish Massage benefits. Book your central London Swedish Massage today!


Session Length Cost
30 minutes £35
60 minutes £65

Please email info@pilatesklinik.co.uk for availability and packages.