Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy can take its toll on your body at any stage, so to help ease the mind and body at this very important time, Pilates Klinik offers a choice of half hour or 1 hour dedicated pregnancy massage sessions with our fully qualified massage professionals, all based here in our easily accessible central London studios.

Massage Method

Laying in a comfortable position for massage is essential to receiving the maximum benefits, and during pregnancy this is even more important as the traditional face-down or flat-on-back positions for massage are not suitable, particularly in the second and third trimesters. At Pilates Klinik, our prenatal massage takes place with clients laying on their side, fully supported with cushioning for comfort.

The massage begins with a focus on the back, abdominal muscles and legs – those areas which carry most of the weight of the pregnancy. Each massage also targets tension in the neck and shoulders, something many of our clients who struggle with hormonal or tension headaches during pregnancy find beneficial.

Our fully qualified massage therapists will also specifically target the sore spots which can arise during pregnancy, such as sciatic nerve pain and are happy to be guided if there are any specific muscle groups which require additional attention.

Whether a full-hour treat or a half-hour stress reliever, each session ends with a nurturing face massage, to aid de-stressing and promote rest for your body from the rigour of pregnancy.

Massage Benefits – to the body

As well as helping to relieve some of the stress that pregnancy places on major muscle groups in the body, massage during pregnancy also helps to reduce swelling in joints, by stimulating the body’s soft tissues to remove waste fluids. A woman’s heart and blood flow also work harder during pregnancy, so pre-natal massage also offers benefits to circulation and cardiovascular health and can be particularly helpful in reducing leg cramps.

Massage Benefits – to the mind

Of course, pregnancy is a time when hormones are prevalent. Pregnancy massage has been shown to increase levels of Seratonin and Dopamine (“feel good” hormones) whilst at the same time decreasing the stress hormones Norepinephrine and Cortisol.

A professional pregnancy massage also lowers anxiety and promotes relaxation and rest – vital to support the body’s own natural resources in promoting repair to those key areas which work so hard during pregnancy. This can also support improved sleep quality – something which is vital in pregnancy as the body needs to prepare for baby’s wakeful nights ahead.

In all, Pilates Klinik’s Pregnancy Massage can help to bring harmony to hormones at any stage of pregnancy and can be relaxing and beneficial to mind, body and to baby. Book a session at our central London studios and feel the benefit! View our other massage services here.


Session Length Cost
30 minutes £35
60 minutes £65

Please email for availability and packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the pregnancy was healthy and delivered with no complications then you may resume massage therapy as soon as you feel comfortable. Following a cesarean-section we would advise waiting a minimum of 6 weeks to allow the body to heal.

You should receive pregnancy massages as often as you feel comfortable with. If there is a particular bodily pain or ache you are looking to remedy please raise this with your therapist and they will be happy to recommend a course of massage treatment to suit.

Pregnancy massage is designed to relieve joint pain, back pain and muscle aches. It can help with sciatica, leg cramps and headaches as well as reducing swelling and stress levels.

In most cases it is both beneficial and safe to receive massage up to the due date. Both the Mum-to-be and the pregnancy itself should be healthy. Our pregnancy massage therapies all begin with a consultation to ensure the treatment is suitable and safe.